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October 24, 2020

Well...It's been awhile since I have updated on here. A lil over a year to be exact and a lot has changed! We are ascending/inscending at a high rate. A lot of my energy work has evolved to match the frequencies and energies of what is happening now to this planet and all of her inhabitants.

With that said, if you are interested in more of my content and updates, I frequently update my Instagram page and YouTube.

You can find all of my links to my work in my LinkTree site listed on the bottom of my website where you will see the icons for Instagram, Facebook, and Links. 

Lots of Love always!

Tracy Nova

Image by Patrick Selin


October 3, 2019

Wow, there have been a long break from me updating the news section on my site. I had to of course, go through some of these ascension energies (still am), make changes, purge, release, heal. And the reason why I have not updated this section is because I was always doing the Moon updates. Now, I know a lot of people still love the Moon and follow Astrology and rely on all of that. Which is totally fine, we all have our own paths and our own time. But for those who would like to understand, I will explain in this article about Earth's Moon. I have known this for awhile actually but I still enjoyed following the Moon's energies. But I have been called to remove and release the Lunar forces and energies from myself, my field, my Soul, etc. 

Earth's Moon is an artificial satellite. It is used as a base for the Reptilians and Grey Aliens. I have also seen Mantis beings on here as well. Now, all this happened during some Galactic Wars and now the Moon has some technology that keeps us tied in. Enslaved to its energies, its wormholes, to the NAA (Negative Alien Agenda), and so forth. But not only us, our solar system as well, and would not be surprised if it affects other galaxies, star systems, and our Soul families, Galactic Soul familes, etc. 

How I found out about this at first, was doing some land healing work. God-Source told me to bring a specific book that we had about the dinosaurs extinction, the planets, stars, Moon, asteroids, etc. Once we reached a specific spot for the land work to be done, God-Source told us to read aloud specific pages from the book. And then to do research and channel in messages and visions. What I was shown were the planets' Maldek's explosion, Tiamat's explosion, and Tara's explosion, the wars between alien races, and what Earth's Moon really was. I researched online to see what I could find and found this site:

Not only that, but I have had friends and clients that would wake up from dreams or meditations and come back with the real truth of the Moon. And it all matches. With that being said, yes I still used the Moon's energies to do the crystal cleansing, etc. But lately I have reached a time in my path where I am no longer in control of the Lunar forces, and have come back to my Solar Christos-Sophia consciousness. We are Solar (Sun, Light) Beings. The Sun has been bringing us lots of cosmic codes, upgrades, downloads, activating our Crystalline structures, and so much more! Sun bathing/gazing has been a daily routine for me now. Of course in safe amounts. And I can definitely feel a difference! Many blessings, unconditional love, Light, and healing energies! Love you all! 

Solar Eclipse


January 5, 2019

Happy New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn!!✨ The eclipse will first be visible on Jan 5 at 3:34pm PST, maximum peak at 5:41pm, and ends at 7:48pm. It is visible in parts of Russia, Asia, and Alaska. Even though the rest of the world can’t see it, we are still affected by it’s energies and of course the New Moon as well. This is a great opportunity to set your goals and intentions (instead of the usual NYE resolutions), as Capricorn is all about putting in the hard work, getting the job done, and being serious! Saturn and Pluto are also in Capricorn, which is calling us to get serious and yes, still sweeping and cleaning out ourselves, figuring out what serves us and what is old and no longer does. In order to let the new energies, new selves, our True Souls in, we need to cleanse and clear ourselves fully. The death of the old, and the birth of the new (Pluto). With this partial Solar Eclipse, its only going to intensify the energies of the New Moon more. To really reflect, reevaluate, let go, and surrender!

Moon Gazing


December 22, 2018

Happy Full Moon in Cancer everyone! This full Moon is exact on Saturday, December 22, 9:48 a.m. PST and is at the 0th degree of Cancer in decan 1. The Moon is in her home sign of Cancer. This emotional sign focuses more on family and nurturing. Which is so aligned with the holidays. There may be arguments, disagreements, healing, caring, etc with family and close friends. But the aspect with Uranus will want you to break free of habits, traditions, and/or anything that does not speak truth to you anymore. If buying thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars of presents for your family and friends that you cannot afford in the first place does not speak truth to you anymore, then this is the time to break free from that matrix. If buying little gifts for the family and contributing to the homeless and the needy feels more aligned and true to you. Then do it! If eating lots of food til you explode does not feel truth to you anymore, save some of that food and give it to someone in need instead! The holidays seems to have lots of gluttony and envy and other sins, why not change this? This is the time to do it with Uranus’s help. Also, Chiron will be making a t-square which is letting us know that he is in the final stages of healing past lives, ancestral wounds, and our lineages. Make yourself a priority! If you do, then you can help others! Happy Holidays, Happy Winter Solstice portal, and Happy Full Moon in Cancer everyone!

Bow & Arrow


December 6, 2018

Happy last New Moon of the year everybody! This New Moon in Sagittarius is exact on Thursday, December 6, 11:20 p.m. PDT. Here is what some astrologers and Astrology Hub has to say: “It’s time for fun, for laughter, for adventure. Curiosity is giving way to learning and pursuit. Optimism is growing. Opinions are escalating with ease into conviction, claimed truth and, of course, hot air. Supersizing is lifestyle. The morel the merrier; the bigger, the better.” Kathryn Andren, The Love Astrologer, finds relevance in the sign’s symbol:

The symbol for Sagittarius is the archer’s arrow, a reminder to maintain focus. Let go of distractions.  Release limiting thought patterns, possessions or people in your life who you feel are holding you back. Just like the archer, keep your eye on your goal.” This New Moon takes place smack in the middle of the sign. Arik Xander, says:

This New Moon is occurring at 15 degrees Sagittarius, which is the peak of the sign. This is opening the door to the middle path, the balanced energy of this archetype. And though there are factors trying to throw us off, we have the perfect center and gravity to stay anchored and connected to the best of all sides.” The New Moon is conjunct a galactic anomaly known as the Great Attractor. Philip Sedgwick says it has “relativistic characteristics – those of warping time and space while bending light with its massive gravity.” His description of its working mirrors the boundless potential of this Sagittarius New Moon: “The Great Attractor, like many galactic points, emanates freely in all spectrums. To be fully attuned requires internal responsiveness to all frequencies. Consciousness lies in the inclusion of all frequencies. ‘Rightness. prevails in maintaining but one specific, critical spectrum as the focus of one’s obsession. And with the Great Attractor’s wide-ranging nature, a case can be made for anything. No matter if polarized by attachment to consensus reality or not, it makes sense in the eye of the beholder.” -AstrologyHub

Communication Tower


November 22, 2018

Happy Full Moon in Gemini! This Full Moon is exact on Thursday, November 22, 9:39 p.m. PDT. and falls in Decan 1. I don’t even know where to begin! Haha! It’s all chatter chatter chatter in my head right now. Hence the Moon in Gemini and Mercury being in Rx. To sum everything up with all the other aspects going on, there will be lots of talking (good and bad), and all kinds of ways to communicate (computers, phones, social media, telepathy?). Emotions may rise, resulting in acting out without thinking, and can cause harm to others and/or others cause harm to you. Some of the information that we receive, hear, perceive about others and the world around may seem confusing. The Gemini will make us wonder, is this the good twin, or the evil one? Best thing to do is believe in patience, step back, have self-control, and double check everything before leaping into any action or saying anything that may hurt others and/or spread gossip. So, with that said, just slow down! Enjoy the holidays! Don’t get stressed! “The Moon is conjunct Alcyone, in the constellation of the Pleiades. Fixed star maven Marina Marcario, Darkstar Astrology, describes it: “Alcyone is the main star of the Pleiades; this mysterious star cluster has beguiled us for thousands of years. Their role is supposed to help humanity evolve by purifying our astral and etheric bodies in order to receive higher wisdom. The Pleiades are supposed to dissolve away … our dirty devils, rather like Perseus’s mission to slay the demon Medusa. We find most of Perseus the constellation in this decan too. Our hero risked life and limb to rescue his love Andromeda, so very chivalrous and noble. Or was he really after her father King Cepheus’ kingdom..? “Somehow it all seems too good to be true, which is why Gemini decan 1 can get the reputation of being a cad. Alcyone can also be a bit sleazy too! Some keywords are ‘vain, venerated, indulgent, spoilt, easily flattered, flirty, beautiful, poetic, talented, theatrical, ravishing, handsome, designer, dandy.’ The stars of the Pleiades, like the Gemini archetype as a whole, are a mass of contradictions; they can be the good twin or the evil twin. One twin is constantly at war with its shadow and they are constantly on the verge of becoming the very 'darkness' they are trying to eliminate. Many astrologers have written about the Pleiades and it all seems very paradoxical, with great success and then 'violent death', charming to say the least... Ever cheerful Robson says "Alcyone causes love, eminence, blindness from fevers, smallpox, and accidents to the face. They are said to make their natives wanton, ambitious, turbulent, optimistic, and peaceful; to give many journeys and voyages, success in agriculture and through active intelligence; and to cause blindness, disgrace and a violent death. Their influence is distinctly evil." -AstrologyHub

Woman Snorkling


November 6, 2018

Happy New Moon in Scorpio! The New Moon is exact on Wed, Nov 7 at 8:01am PDT. We have the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter all in Scorpio right now. And lots of other aspects that are making this New Moon more appealing! Here is just a peak of what is going on... “Multiple planets are changing signs. Andrew Ifandis, Cosmos of Astrology, examines the numbers and sees them mixing endings into the starts of this New Moon: “Jupiter, Uranus and the Nodal Axis are all situated at 29th degree. This degree in astrology is one of the critical degrees and is usually connected with endings…. “Jupiter is about to move from Scorpio into Sagittarius. It is now time to move on from the truth of the soul to the truth of the world, expanding outwardly and not inwardly, but before doing so we have to face for one last time our deepest emotions, out very truth. “At the same time Uranus, as it moves retrograde is on the 29th and last degree of Aries. Issues relating to how we can embrace freedom and individuality without being self-centered and disruptive to our relations are again of concern…. “The Lunar Nodes … have just entered into the Capricorn-Cancer axis, something that denotes a shifting of energy that will bring the emphasis on a totally new area of life (chapter) for our personal horoscope for the next 1.5 years.” -AstrologyHub

Best Friends


October 24, 2018

Happy Full Moon in Taurus! Also known as the Hunter’s Moon. This Full Moon is exact on Wednesday, October 24, 2018 at 9:45 a.m. PDT. Taurus is an Earth sign and is very grounding, likes stability, comfort, and all things physical and materialistic things. This Moon will make us have the desire to find comfort in our relationships, love life, and money, but also re-evaluate what we have right now. 

The Taurus’s ruling planet is Venus and she is still in Rx in Scorpio. Since she’s been in Rx, we’ve most likely had encounters of past relationships/friendships, remembering past memories and events in order to re-evaluate and decide what still serves us and what does not. Do we see the meaning of love the same way as we used to? Our relationships? How about money? Are we more careful with our spendings? Or do we not want to worry about how much money we spend so that we are able and can experience life? Even do we see beauty? Being all natural or dolling ourselves up? Do we want to use more all natural products? Or are we seeing beauty as seeing the other’s true soul? 

This Full Moon is letting us see what serves us,  what is valuable to us, the rewards, and the benefits. Whatever happens, it is meant for us to move forward with a more valuable structure and foundation. Stepping more into our true selves. Don’t give up. We have come a long way! 

 Scales of Justice


October 8, 2018

Happy New Moon in Libra which is exact on 8:46pm PDT, Oct 8. Libra is all about the social gatherings, communication, relationships, and having easy-going harmonious events. But is it going to be like that for this New Moon? Libra's ruling planet is Venus, and guess where she is?? She is in retrograde in Scorpio. It's going to be a dark, deep, steamy, look right through your soul type of social and personal gatherings. And I mean really look at every depth of your soul. The darkness, the deep deep deep ocean that most of us feel uncomfortable at. We also might revisit some past occurrences, connections, and people for us to see which still serves our highest and best, and which can be let go of. This New Moon is all about desires, lust, deep dark depths, karmic and past connections. Lots of intimacy and all types of Goddess energies in this one! Don't forget to do your New Moon rituals, manifestations, baths, and more! Happy New Moon in Libra everyone!



September 23, 2018

Happy Full Moon in Aries! Which is exact on September 24 at 7:52pm PDT. This Full Moon is called the Harvest Moon, creating few nights of bright skies. Because of this, it was a perfect time for farmers to harvest their crops. Aries is all about doing and stepping in, most of the time without thinking and/or observing. It's ok to leap into action but try not to make any agreements, promises, and engagements. Speak your mind and heart, stand up for yourself, be bold and fiery, be productive. Let go of anything that no longer serves you. And remember to take some breaks. As we are diving into the slower, darker season. So this is your final push to get it all done! Remember to make your Moon water, put out your crystals, jewelry, tarot/oracle cards, and anything else you would like to charge in the Moonlight. Do your Moon bathing (even if just for a few min), journal, and dream.

Stacked Wooden Logs


September 22, 2018

Happy Autumn Equinox in the North Hemisphere and Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere! Either way it is the time when day and night are equal lengths. The Autumn Equinox we start to slow down, reflect on what has happened during Spring and Summer, and also, most importantly, give our thanks and blessings. Some simple rituals I love to do are clean and organize, cleanse (smudge) the area, set up and decorate altar(s) or any areas with Autumn and Halloween decorations, and give my thanks and blessings. You can offer your thanks by lighting a candle/incense and giving your thanks. You can also write down what you are thankful for and keep on your altar. Let candle/incense burn til it goes out or when is needed. Enjoy everyone and remember to slow down and enjoy life!


September 22, 2018

Reiki has been around for thousands and thousands of years but was rediscovered by Dr. Usui in the 1900's. He founded his first Reiki clinic and school in Tokyo in 1922. Which then later, one of his students, Mrs. Takata, introduced Reiki to the West. Earlier on, she was told that she was very ill and needed surgery but felt otherwise. She decided to seek alternative healings and heard about Dr. Usui which then later healed her through Reiki and became his student. Some say that the Lemurians, Atlantians, Jesus Christ, and many others used the form of Reiki healing by channeling the unconditional love and light from Creator Source. It all starts with energy...

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