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Traditional Usui Reiki Level 3 Class




1 Day

About the Course

In this online Reiki Masters level course, you will be taught live by Tracy Nova, a Reiki Master Teacher. Here are the subjects you will learn and be able to utilize on your own in this Reiki Masters course:

  • Briefly go over Reiki Levels 1 and 2

  • Learn about the Reiki Masters (4th) symbol

  • How to use all the Reiki symbols together

  • How to set up your Reiki as a business

  • How to release any money blockages

  • How to set up your in-person Reiki session

  • Teaching Reiki to others

  • Attuning others to Reiki

  • Live practice performing Reiki on each other (on students, teacher, or a client) while the teacher observes

  • Live practice doing the attunement process while the teacher observes

  • Home and Land Clearings

You will also receive:

  • The attunement of the Reiki energies and the 4th (Masters) symbol

  • An emailed Certificate as a Reiki Masters Level Practitioner

  • Reiki Masters course through email

  • Additional reading materials and links (if requested)

Emails will also be sent out prior to the class to ensure that everyone is prepared.

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