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Tracy, I cannot thank you enough for helping and guiding me along this lifetime! You have been such a guide though some of my most intense and confusing awakenings. 

You are one of the most intuitive purest healers I have met in this lifetime. Thank you for always putting your clients in the most safest bubble of protection while helping & guiding us in clearing of major timelines / removing attachments / clearing ancestral lineages / soul ties / soul contracts / removal of implants etc. Thank you for helping understand my soul gifts and how to better use and protect myself. When I first booked a session with you I was DEEP deep in a dark night of the soul. Confused as many of us are during those times of darkness and isolation. I knew I needed a healer that was coming directly from god source to help me understand and clear what was going on. You have helped me in so many sessions but by far the most life changing clearing was one I had with you prior to having my daughter it was the most profound clearing I’ve ever experienced. I truly believe it helped me ground my root into safety and clear my sacral chakra so much while clearing deep deep heavy ancestral lineage / timelines before she came into this world. 

My birth with my first born daughter was well traumatic. (Felt I was not ready to be a mother due to family blockages/ trauma and ended up with a emergency c section) After that miscarriages happen as my body was holding onto so much trauma. My soul and baby growing inside of me knew I needed to do some major maternal and paternal lineage clearing prior to the birth. A month later I had aria naturally and no postpartum depression like I had in my previous birth experience. 

Thank you for holding my hand through the darkness and showing me the light at the end of the tunnel 💛 appreciate and love you, always!

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