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Tracy, I cannot thank you enough for helping and guiding me along this lifetime! You have been such a guide though some of my most intense and confusing awakenings. 

You are one of the most intuitive purest healers I have met in this lifetime. Thank you for always putting your clients in the most safest bubble of protection while helping & guiding us in clearing of major timelines / removing attachments / clearing ancestral lineages / soul ties / soul contracts / removal of implants etc. Thank you for helping understand my soul gifts and how to better use and protect myself. When I first booked a session with you I was DEEP deep in a dark night of the soul. Confused as many of us are during those times of darkness and isolation. I knew I needed a healer that was coming directly from god source to help me understand and clear what was going on. You have helped me in so many sessions but by far the most life changing clearing was one I had with you prior to having my daughter it was the most profound clearing I’ve ever experienced. I truly believe it helped me ground my root into safety and clear my sacral chakra so much while clearing deep deep heavy ancestral lineage / timelines before she came into this world. 

My birth with my first born daughter was well traumatic. (Felt I was not ready to be a mother due to family blockages/ trauma and ended up with a emergency c section) After that miscarriages happen as my body was holding onto so much trauma. My soul and baby growing inside of me knew I needed to do some major maternal and paternal lineage clearing prior to the birth. A month later I had aria naturally and no postpartum depression like I had in my previous birth experience. 

Thank you for holding my hand through the darkness and showing me the light at the end of the tunnel 💛 appreciate and love you, always!”

​“So many wonderful things I can say about my Reiki sessions, with Tracy Nova 💖 they were super potent and magical. I was blessed to have Reiki sessions throughout my pregnancy with Tracy until this day the energy still resonates with me on a daily. When she gave me the teachings of Reiki,level one in mother nature, it was the most beautiful moment. Butterflies came to show their gratitude in those moments it was an amazing unforgettable moment. I embraced and learned so much. The healing energy that Tracy always brings with her Reiki sessions, and her teachings are super beautiful ,powerful extremely grounding and most of all inspiring. I am forever Grateful to know this amazing soul.”
My experience receiving reiki from Tracy has been phenomenal. She is truly devoted to this path, & it shows. I really enjoy that she shares the visions that she sees while she is cleansing & balancing the energy body, & that she shares honestly. Even if the vision does not make sense to her, she shares, because she holds space for you to have your own intuitive experience, looking within. I also adore that I got to receive from her while lying on Mother earth & under Father sky, it made the experience even richer for me. I have experienced new ways of being open up to me after receiving her reiki healing, & I definitely recommend her as a practitioner.”
“I found Tracy through a friend of mine. She has helped me a lot through my spiritual journey. I got my Reiki Master done with Tracy, I go to her for all of my clearings, I also order all of my crystal Jewelry from her as well. Tracy is a true definition of a light warrior. She is always there to help guide me through my tough times. She is the real deal!!!”

“I had an amazing Reiki session with Tracy, and I cannot recommend her enough! Tracy is a master at what she does and has a gift for creating a calming and peaceful environment. Throughout the session, I felt completely at ease and was able to let go of the stress and tension in my body. 


Tracy's energy work is truly transformative and deeply healing. She was able to identify areas of tension in my body, and her healing touch allowed energy to flow freely, creating a sense of balance and harmony within me. I felt soothed and refreshed afterward, and the positive effects of the session lasted long after we were finished.


Tracy is an incredibly talented and kind-hearted individual, and her passion for Reiki is evident in all that she does. Her warm personality, combined with her skills as a Reiki master, makes her a true gem. If you're looking for a deeply transformative and healing experience with Reiki, Tracy is the one to see.”

"I had a Reiki healing with Tracy. Immediately after our session I felt relaxed, lighter and had a general feeling of happiness. Tracy was able to explain to me blockages that I had and she was able to get rid of. Even the aches and pains that I was feeling felt like it melted off over the next few days. The weeks after the healing session I had felt easier, I was more chill and generally nicer towards people around me. I've often thought about doing another session but did not know how often I should be going through a healing like that. I would definitely go back to Tracy for this because I feel secure and happy with her. I am grateful to have her as my friend and healer."
“Tracy gave me an amazing energy well grounded reiki sessions!! :) i am soon a mom to be!! she has been very helpful with her healing energy vibration presents, especially towards me and my pregnancy!! Very grateful for your beautiful healings🙏🏼🤗💖”
“Before I had my first ever Reiki session I was skeptical about it all. After my Reiki healing with Tracy I felt like I was re-born. I learned a lot about myself and I highly recommend Tracy to perform a Reiki healing on you.”

"I went to Tracy because I needed help with getting rid of these negative entities

(she called them). They’ve been dragging me down. I went to her because I knew it was something that was bigger than me and I didn’t know how to handle it.


After meeting her a few days later. My body completely became extremely exhausted. She informed me that it was normal it because she’s been clearing the negativity. She advised me The best thing for me is to rest and sleep. That’s what I did. I slept for 2 days. The morning after, I woke up with a different feeling. I felt at ease and whatever was pulling me down was removed.


After 3 weeks I’m still feeling good. What surprised me the most is that I quit smoking. I’ve been smoking cigarettes for 5 plus years and could never commit to quitting. It has been 2 weeks and I have not had a cigarette. This has been cold turkey!


Whatever Tracy did, help me significantly! If she never helped me through it. I think my mind and soul would be in a very dark place.


Thank you Tracy 🙏🏼"

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